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FONTUR… Do I need to register my home?
FONTUR… Do I need to registe...
Since many of our homeowners have been inquiring about the need to have a “Registro Nacional de Turismo”, and declare their earnings from home rentals, we decided to publish this link to FONTUR which explains who needs to declare and why…This contribution is 2.5% of your earnings through your rentals and must be paid after reaching a certain level of income per year. Please see link for more information.
Sep 02, 2017 , 0
What´s Up in Suarez, Tolima?
What´s Up in Suarez, Tolima?...
Suarez, Tolima is a sleepy little town just across the Magdalena river from Espinal.  Once only accessible via ferry, it´s home to grazing cattle, pristine rivers, and rolling green hills.  This quiet enclave is also home to Finca El Capote, located just 5 km from town in the foothills of the Cordillera Central.
Jun 27, 2017 , 0
Welcome to our new website…
Welcome to our new website…...
It´s been a long time in the making, but at last we did it!  We hope you´ll enjoy navigating the ...
May 21, 2017 , 0

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