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It´s been a long time in the making, but at last we did it!  We hope you´ll enjoy navigating the new Casas Tropicales web and reserving fantastic properties in great destinations throughout Colombia.

Some of the changes you´ll notice right away…

  • Easier, faster navigation that adjusts to any device
  • Prices in US dollars (you can also see price equivalents in Colombian peses; see button on upper left side of home screen)
  • Casas Tropicales opens in English, but can also be navigated in Spanish (see button on upper left side of home screen)
  • Customer Wishlists
  • Property Reviews
  • Blogs and other editorial in order to help you plan your next trip
  • Quotations that include domestic service fees
  • Availability calendars in each property listing

We´re proud to continue promoting the most exclusive and unique vacation homes in Colombia, and we hope you´ll enjoy the improvements we´ve made in order to serve you better.

Casas Tropicales Calendar 2018
If you would like to receive our 2018 calendar, please complete the following address form and we will send you our calendar just in time for 2018!
Dec 05, 2017 Category: Calendar 2018 0 Comments
FONTUR… Do I need to register my home?
Since many of our homeowners have been inquiring about the need to have a “Registro Nacional de Turismo”, and declare their earnings from home rentals, we decided to publish this link to FONTUR [...]
Sep 02, 2017 Category: Fontur 0 Comments
What´s Up in Suarez, Tolima?
Suarez, Tolima is a sleepy little town just across the Magdalena river from Espinal.  Once only accessible via ferry, it´s home to grazing cattle, pristine rivers, and rolling green hills.  This [...]
Jun 27, 2017 Category: Experiences, Holiday Ideas, Hospitality 0 Comments
Welcome to our new website…
It´s been a long time in the making, but at last we did it!  We hope you´ll enjoy navigating the ...
May 21, 2017 Category: Welcome! 0 Comments
How Do You Define Luxury?
For many people, luxury means access to the exotic, hard-to-find, the uncommon. Oriental silks, Fortuny fabrics, pearls, diamonds, caviar. The list is long.
Apr 21, 2015 Category: Holiday Ideas, Hospitality 0 Comments
On the Quiet… Abaco, Bahamas
Virgen beaches, cristaline water, Caribbean shells, english cottages by the sea, a unique and enchanting place. A fascinating vacation place for sea lovers, with lots to do, in the water and out.
Apr 20, 2015 Category: Holiday Ideas 0 Comments
Keep Calm and Carry On…
What better way to close out the year and bring in the new than with the Queen of England´s royal ...
Nov 25, 2013 Category: Fairs 0 Comments
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