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25 November, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry On…

What better way to close out the year and bring in the new than with the Queen of England´s royal motto, ¨Keep calm and carry on¨? The famous motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 several months before the beginning of the Second World War, was intended to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities. (Wikipedia) It occurs to me that this very British saying could be a model for all of us this year wherever we are, as it´s just that sense of persistence that we must have in order to move on to better things in the year to come.

For Casas Tropicales, January and February of 2013 started not so much with a bang but with a quiet stir. In terms of projection and growth as well as strategic planning, we concentrated on forming new alliances (Aviatur & ProExport) and improving our services in all aspects. It has always been our goal to maintain the highest standards in properties, clients and our own performance, helping people just like us to have extraordinary experiences in fabulous homes and regions of Colombia.

One of our discoveries is that while we offer enviable experiences to our clients, sometimes we tend to fall short in the level of service and functionality of each property. As Colombia becomes a more desirable destination for savvy, stylish people all over the world, we need to be able to deliver right on par with the most enviable tourist destinations. That means an impeccable service and quality, from the way we answer the telephones to the quality of sheets and towels, pots and pans in a home. Cleanliness, functionality, presence, attentiveness… these are all primary themes in any business, especially in tourism.

What have we done to improve our services?

  • New Offices: As many of you know, we moved our offices during the month of August to a beautiful, centrally located house in Chapinero Alto. Here were able to attend you in a more professional way, but with all of the comforts of our house in the National Park . This space, known as com is one of our new projects… a place that we hope you´ll have an occasion to use and recommend to your friends and associates.   Integrated, shared workspaces complete with conference room, video beam, reception area, café and flexible conditions, from hourly, weekly and monthly rates to private and semi private furnished work spaces. Pop in and visit us for a delicious Colombian coffee… Diagonal 55, No. 4-34 Tels: 255-1159/346-1022
  • More visibilty for our property owners: Through alliances with Aviatur and ProExport , we are not only focusing on reaching a larger public, but also one that is more knowledgable and refined. It s our goal to maintain higher standards and compete agressively within the international luxury market. This year marked the beginning of what we know will be a longstanding relationship with ProExport. We were honored to participate in the London World Travel Market, along with other important Colombian companies; and have the chance to share the Colombia that we know and love with foreigners from all over the globe. You´ll notice our international presence in 2014 with planned participation in ITB Berlin, Fitur, Anato and other fairs and worshops around the globe.
  • Higher Standards for our affiliated properties: At Casas Tropicales, we are demanding better installations and services in everything from location and security to functionality and client attention. By the end of 2014, all of our affiliated properties should have standardized inventories and domestic service procedures. How do we plan to achieve this? Through personalized, on site capacitations in each region with knowledgable professionals in the hotel industry, to educate our home employees and teach the value of an impeccable service. After all, our employees are basically our ambassadors of Colombia during each stay.
  • The importance of accompanying our clients every step of the way. Through alliances with major tour operators throughout the country, we can arrange everything from menus to transportation, multi lingual guides, shopping and cultural sprees, and even extreme sports and private event planning. Anything you´ll need during your stay will be consulted beforehand for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Should you have any inquiries or requests during your stay, we´ll do our best to accomodate you. We´re available 24/7.
  • Create Fidelity and Trust. Through all of our efforts in education and excellent service with home owners and clients, we´re sure you´ll agree that the best place to rent a property or look for an authentic vacation experience is Casas Tropicales. You won´t need to go anywhere else.
  • Create an easier more enjoyable experience for our users. With the inauguration of a new, more advanced website with all of the latest technology, we will showcase our properties in a more elegant, functional manner. Using professional photography, state of the art navegation and programming, and online payments for a more agile experience, you won´t have to come to see us except to say hello and have a coffee! It´s our goal to have our new, improved website up and running by the end of January 2014.

We, at Casas Tropicales want to thank you, our friends and colleagues, for all of your support during our nine year trajectory. We wish you the happiest of holidays with family and friends, and send you our best wishes for 2014… Keep calm and carry on!

Happy Holidays,

 Amanda and Alfred Wild and the Casas Tropicales Team 

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