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1 April, 2017 by admin

The Casas Tropicales website is designed in spanish and english, and identifies your navigational trends, automatically opening in the language that you normally use to navigate the web.  You may also change the language at any time by clicking the icon on the top left hand side of your home screen.

At Casas Tropicales, our prices are shown in US dollars. There is also an icon at the top left-hand side of the homepage where you can choose to see prices in Colombian pesos.

We use and exchange rate of 3,000 COP per US dollar.

At Casas Tropicales, High Season is the following:

  • December 15 – January 15
  • Easter Week / Semana Santa
  • Long weekends and Holidays
  • June
  • July
  • School Vacation Week in October (these dates vary from year to year).

Low Season: All other nights and weekends not mentioned above.

Please consult the calendars of availability within each property listing.

At Casas Tropicales, the properties you will encounter are not houses made simply for rent and investment. They are family homes, built and conceived by their owners for their proper use, and furnished and equipped with dedication and love. These homes continue to be used frequently by their owners and often include valuables such as works of art, books, fine linens and the latest appliances. The security deposit is a guarantee for the proper use and enjoyment of the property in every way. It is a small additional expense that will open the doors to the most exclusive properties of the country.

At Casas Tropicales, we receive payments online and at our office with VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. A 4% administration fee applies with all credit and debit card payments. We also accept transfers and deposits in our Bancolombia and Banco de Bogotá accounts and will supply account information upon request.

The Security Deposit (US $ 150 dollars or COP $ 500.000) may be received via an on-line “hold” on your credit card or in cash or check in our offices in Bogota. We respectfully request that this fee NOT be deposited into our bank account, since it will incur bank fees. In the event that a guest mistakenly deposits this fee in our bank account, he/she will be charged all bank fees incurred.  Security Deposits will be returned within 15 days from departure date, damages and losses withstanding.

In order to guarantee your rental, we ask for a 100% payment at the time of confirming your reservation.  Casas Tropicales will retain 50% of the rental fee if there is a need to cancel your trip for any reason during Low Season; we will retain 100% of the rent (in high season) and 50% of the rent (in low season). In some circumstances and with the consent of the landlord, we may try to extend the rent for a low season and mutually agreeable dates between the owners and the tenant.

At Casas Tropicales, we visit and inspect each property before offering it for rent or sale, in order to ensure that it meets our conditions as well as yours. This includes facilities of an excellent level in terms of design and functionality, an excellent standard of cleanliness, hygiene, service and security.

To ensure maximum comfort for our guests and optimum care and use of each property, we specify a maximum number of guests for each house. Thus ensuring that every time you rent with us, you will encounter a home in perfect condition. You will never find someone in a Casas Tropicales home sleeping on a sofa in the living room, or on the floor in a bedroom. Additional guests may be requested and approved at the owner´s discretion, at an additional charge.

To ensure a pleasant stay in one of our homes, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just send us an e-mail, text message and/or call our cell phones for an immediate response.  This way, it´s easy for you to inform us of a special need or any deficiency in the service or operation of the property.

We also take the time to verify that you have arrived safely to the house (via cell phone) and have all the necessary tools to enjoy it to the fullest.  Additionally, we contact the staff on the day of your arrival and departure to ensure that you have arrived ok and everything is in order.  If there are no additional requests, we won´t bother you but will leave you to enjoy the property as if it were yours!

At Casas Tropicales, we take the maximum capacity of guests for each house very seriously.  That´s why we specify a maximum capacity for each property. If you arrive with additional guests, we have an obligation to deny entrance of those persons to the premises.  Children over 1 year old are considered guests. On some occasions and with prior consultation, we can arrange the entry of additional guests at an additional charge.

In the event that something has been broken or lost during your stay at the house, don´t worry, but please tell the employee in charge to note it on your Entrance Voucher. After consulting with the owner and with you, we will proceed to deduct the estimated value of the security deposit. We will return the existing balance of the deposit to your bank account.  It ´s very important to us  that you feel “at home” and we have good communication during your stay. We hope and trust that you will take care of the house as if it were yours.

Domestic service is charged separately when you request your reservation because different homes have different service rates and quantity of employees. Depending on the number of guests in your party and the size of the property, additional employees may be necessary.

The domestic service people are an integral and very important part of our success, and we want to show them this with the adequate remuneration of their work and dedication. If you feel well taken care of, it is customary to leave a tip, but not necessary.

Domestic service employees are not bilingual.  Colombian Spanish is spoken.  It is important to keep in mind that generally speaking, your domestic help will have a minimal level of education, many times less than a high school degree.  These people are usually born and raised in the surrounding area and know the region quite well.  They also will make every effort to understand your needs and help fulfill them.

There are very few houses that do not have the need for domestic service. Because of a property´s size, location and amenities, it is imperative to have employees.  This ensures the proper operation and care of each home.  Smaller properties, such as apartments in urban areas, may offer optional service or turn-down service with a minimal additional fee.

Each property has a different policy regarding pets.  Some accept pets and some do not.  If a property is pet friendly, it will be advertised in the listing under Property Features.  If does not say “Pets Permitted”, then pets ARE NOT PERMITTED on the premises and you may be fined or denied entrance to the property with the pet.

Each property listing includes a generic check-in and check-out time.  Upon previous request, we may tailor your check-in and check-out to fit your schedule.  If you arrive earlier to a property, you may be denied access until the home can be readied for your arrival.  You may also be charged an additional Early Entrance fee.  The Early Entrance fee is 50% of the nightly rate and will be applied to your credit card.

Casas Tropicales´cancellation policy is the following:

During Low Season, we retain 50% of the total rental value after the reservation has been requested, accepted and paid.

During High Season, we retain 100% of the total rental value after the reservation has been requested, accepted and paid.

Domestic service costs vary depending on the property and location.  When you request a reservation, we will calculate basic fees for you, which you can pay in advance with your rental.  Generally, for more than 6 guests, two maids are required.

This way, you don’t have to worry about additional fees during your stay.  If you fell well attended, it is customary though not necessary,  to leave a tip.

At Casas Tropicales, we recommend that, according to Colombian custom, you invite the help to partake in the meals they are preparing for you.  In many cases, especially in private clubs and condominiums where access to markets and restaurants is limited and in some cases, non-existent, employees have no other option.  In the event that you do not offer them part of what they are preparing, we suggest you give the employees time for lunch (at least one hour).